Amphibians & Reptiles:

ARG UK – Amphibian ID Guide

ARC – Identifying Britain’s Snakes Poster

ARG UK – Reptile ID Guide

ARG UK – Newt Eggs & Larvae ID Guide

ARC – The Adder

ARC – Alien Species Booklet

NNSS – Midwife Toad (Alytes obstetricans) ID

NNSS – Western Green Lizard (Lacerta bilineata) ID

NNSS – American Bull Frog (Lithobates catesbeianus) ID

NNSS – Alpine Newt (Mesotriton alpestris) ID

NNSS – Marsh Frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) ID

NNSS – Red-eared Terrapin (Trachemys scripta elegans) – ID

NNSS – African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis) – ID

Froglife – Amphibian Health & Disease

Guidance for Gardeners:

ARC – Dragons in Your Garden

ARC – Snakes & Garden Netting

ARC – Snakes in Gardens FAQ

ARC – Snakes in Gardens Key Facts

ARG UK – Creating Garden Ponds for Wildlife

ARG UK – There’s a Snake in the Garden – What Do I Do?

Froglife – Just Add Water – How to Build a Wildlife Pond

ARC – Gardening with Nature for People and Wildlife

NNSS – Water Fern (Azolla filiculoides) ID

NNSS – Carolina Watershield / Fanwort (Cabomba caroliniana) ID

NNSS – New Zealand Pygmyweed (Crassula helmsii) ID

NNSS – Canadian & Nuttall’s Waterweeds (Elodea sp.) ID

NNSS –  Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides) ID

NNSS – Curly Waterweed (Lagarosiphon major) ID

NNSS – Water Primrose (Ludwigia grandiflora) ID

NNSS – Parrots Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) ID

NNSS – Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) ID

Activities for Kids:

Froglife – My Wild Life Book

Guidance for dog walkers:

ARC – Dogs ‘n’ Adders

Guidance for Anglers:

NNSS – Stop The Spread – Invasive Aquatic Species

Guidance for Professionals:

ARC – Amphibian Habitat Management Handbook

Froglife – Great Crested Newt Conservation Handbook

ARC – Reptile Habitat Management Handbook

JNCC – Herpetofauna Workers Manual

ARG UK – Great Crested Newt Habitat Suitability Index

ARC – Guidance on Building Development

Froglife – Amphibian Ponds in Farmed Landscapes

ARG UK & RAVON – Grass Snake Egg Laying Heaps

ARG UK – Reptile Survey and Mitigation Guidance for Peatland Habitats

ARG UK – Managing Habitat for Adders – Advice for Land Managers

ARG UK – Amphibian Disease Precautions: A Guide For UK Fieldworkers

Hygiene Protocol To Contain The Spread Of Chytridiomycosis During Fieldwork