Mabb’s Orchard Pond Surveys

On the evening of Saturday 5th May we will be visiting Mabb’s Orchard / Trotshill Allotments in Warndon, Worcester to take a look at a cluster of 5 ponds and introduce you to, and practice a variety of survey techniques to record Amphibians.

Activities will include visual searches for eggs & tadpoles, torch surveys to count Newts, and hopefully we will have the opportunity to set some bottle traps (You are welcome to join us again for the trap release the following morning).

We will be working around water in the dark. Please bring wellies / waders, torches, and appropriate clothing & any refreshments you may require for the weather.
All volunteers will be required to complete a volunteer agreement form on the day for insurance purposes.

Meeting at 7pm. Location: Mabb’s Orchard Allotments, Mabbs Close, Worcester. WR4 0SY.

Important: The allotment car park is at the end of a fairly narrow cul-de-sac where children may be playing and to enter the car park you have to drive across a footpath obscured by high hedge rows, please take extra care and keep an eye out for children & dogs.